Monday, March 6, 2017

2 women


someone asked me, 'do you have aadhar card?'
how to say no? modiji bura maan jaayein toh?
so i say, 'i have a boyfriend, na,'
'should i buy this dress?'
'this bracelet'
'i want to go to colaba'
'chalo, drop kar deta hoon.'
'don't feel like going to office today.'
'dus minute ka kaam hai, aata hoon.'
dekha kitna support karta hai mujhe?
kitna aadhaar hai mujhe uska!
mujhe card ki kya zaroorat hai!


sochtee hoon, main bhi ek app banwaa loon.
wohi, tinder type app.
for finding substitute kids.
dekho na, i have daughter, i have son
how many calls i made last week.
majaal hai ki callback kare!
that's why substitute kids wali app.
requirement yeh hai, they call once a week
do pairi pauna over the phone only,
ask, how your knee is, mumma?
teach me to put you tube on computer.
and when they start asking for money,
like real life wale kids
then simply swipe left.

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